Pre-Order items are purchased BEFORE PRODUCTION. 

Pre-Order listings are NOT ready to ship. Each pre-order sale has it's own pre-order closing date. Your card will be charged the full amount at the time you place your order. In any case that a preorder cannot be fulfilled, you will be refunded 100%.


So what is a pre-order?
 Sometimes, we come across an item so fabulous that we have to grab it while we can! A pre-order is a purchase for an exclusive item that is not yet in stock.

Why should I pre-order?
Purchasing a pre-order item is a great way to secure an item and avoid sell outs! Also, you get the product for an exclusive lower price before the preorder end date!

How does a pre-order work?
To secure your item, full payment is due at checkout. When the item arrives, we will ship the item within two business days. The estimated shipping time differs based on the pre-order item you are purchasing. Please refer back to the product description on the item you wish to purchase for estimated arrival time for that particular item. 

How do I know if an item is a pre-order?
All pre-order items will be marked "PREORDER" and will have an estimated shipping date in the description. 

Pre-order disclaimer
Because the item has not yet reached us, we can not guarantee the exact date your item will ship. Each pre-order item has an estimated shipping date but this is subject to change from the manufacturer without prior notice. If for any reason we are not able to fulfill your pre-order, we will refund you for the full amount immediately. 

See something you love?
Contact us via e-mail or social media and we will try our best to find it! Sometimes, we may plan not to restock an available item but if it’s something you are interested in, we can usually order one just for you!


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